A collaborative research enterprise of Duke's Wired Lab.

Join us for a DH Kitchen on Friday, April 8 at 3:00 p.m. in Reynolda 301. Led by Kristen Lanzoni, this week’s Kitchen will center upon Visualizing Venice, a collaborative research effort of Duke’s Wired! Lab.

The Wired! Initiative at Duke University engages digital technologies in the study of art, architectural, and urban history. While digital approaches have many capabilities, our emphasis is exploring the built environment over time — both particular structures and the urban fabric in which they were constructed. The use of digital tools and especially visualizations, prompt new questions and understandings about architectural monuments, their relation to the larger urban setting, and the role of sculptural and painted decoration, such as altarpieces, in spaces. This talk will focus on one of our collaborative research enterprises: Visualizing Venice, an interdisciplinary, cross-cultural collaboration that supports mapping, 3D modeling, and representations of change in Venice. Research projects have public facing and pedagogical outcomes that bring the city to life for varied audiences.

Kristin Huffman Lanzoni is an Instructor in the Department of Art, Art History, and Visual Studies at Duke University. Her current research focuses on the uses and configurations of space for the visual arts, in particular the spatial relationships formed in early modern Venice. Her interest in reconstructing altered or demolished structures led her to work with the Wired! Group at Duke as well as Visualizing Venice. She is currently directing several digital projects including Venice Virtual World and the Venice Interactive Virtual Atlas (VIVA), which will result in an exhibition at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke in Fall 2017. She has most recently worked with Duke graduate and undergraduate students to reconstruct a demolished palace on the Giudecca in conjunction with her curatorial work for the exhibition Water and Food in the Venetian Lagoon held in the Ducal Palace, Venice (September 2015–February 2016).


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