DH Kitchen: Publishing MakerspaceJoin us for a DH Kitchen on Tuesday, March 17 at 4:00 in Reynolda 301. Led by David Phillips and Chelcie Juliet Rowell, the session will focus on retooling and redefining scholarly publishing. After a brief introduction to the Publishing Makerspace concept—a model that draws from the recent genre of Makerspace practices in engineering workshops, libraries, and online communities—we will brainstorm about the future of scholarly publishing by participating in a guided visioning exercise called a charrette, an approach to visioning and modeling that originated in the design disciplines. You can expect a fun and lively process with potentially surprising and inspiring results that might change how you approach your own research and writing.

To participate in the charrette, please come to the session open to considering the following questions:

  • What would your work look like if you were free from the professional constraints and norms of your academic discipline (e.g., monograph for tenure or articles in peer-reviewed journals)? In other words, what shape might your scholarly work take if you could be free to express your ideas and share your work in a variety of ways that extend beyond traditional written forms of scholarship? What digital formats would you like to explore that could potentially expand the scope of your work and enable new forms of audience engagement with your scholarship
  • What do you wish scholarly publishing would look like in 2030? What contribution might you envision making that would help lead innovation and change that would both further your research objectives and enable you to expose broader audiences to your work?

Learn more at the Publishing Makerspace website. Resources for the March 17 DH Kitchen are available below:



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