We had a great DH Kitchen session today. Thanks to everyone for coming. As promised I’ve made the slides from the session and the relevant data available here.

DH Kitchen – Data mining and text analysis – materials

I’ve also included the Project-pipeline-questionnaire┬áto get you started on your text analysis projects. I hope that this questionnaire will provide an understanding of the step-by-step process that is typically followed in text analysis projects, but also to give you the vocabulary to discuss the requirements of your project and seek out help and identify relevant resources to conduct your research.

And for fun. Here are the word cloud plots (done in R) for collocations with the words ‘terrorism’ and ‘terrorist’ in the Republican and Democratic State of the Union speeches from 1945 to 2009.

republican-terrorism-wordcloud democrat-terrorism-wordcloud










Update: I’ve posted a blog entry on web scraping in R that acquires the data used in this DH Kitchen.


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