WHAT: Tour of Wake Forest’s Digital Media & Robotics Lab
WHEN: Tuesday, February 17 at 3:30 PM
WHERE: Basement of Manchester Hall
WHO: Sponsored by the ZSR Library Staff Development Committee; tour led by Paul Whitener of Campus IS

Blurb from the PDC event:

The Staff Development Committee invites you to tour the Wake Forest Digital Media and Robotics Lab in the basement of Manchester Hall. The tour will be next Tuesday, February 17th at 3:30 and will be led by Paul Whitener, a UNIX System’s Architect for IS.

┬áThe lab includes a 3D printer which I’m told we’ll get to see in action. I doubt the tour will take a full hour, but if you’ve never seen this part of campus, I’m sure it will be interesting and informative.

Sign up via the Professional Development Center.


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