The Executive Council of the Association for Computers and the Humanities is delighted to announce its third round of Microgrants.

This year, we particularly invite proposals on pedagogy, although applications will still be considered in other areas that advance the goals and mission of the ACH, to support computer-assisted research, teaching, and software and content development in humanistic disciplines. Projects should be modest and designed to be accomplished within roughly six months.

Examples of possible projects, meant to inspire rather than limit:

  • a framework for sharing DH syllabi
  • a means of annotating and sharing DH assignments or exercises
  • pedagogical podcasts (microgrants can be used to purchase commercial software for producing screencasts or videos)
  • pedagogical tools or apps
  • enhancements to DH Questions & Answers <>
  • activities that add pedagogical features to the online journal Digital Humanities Quarterly <>

Proposals may be for projects in a range of forms including, but not limited to, apps, plugins, and tools. All microgrant recipients will be required to write some kind of reflective output, typically a blog post, for the ACH website.

via ACH Microgrants 2014: DH Pedagogies | The Association for Computers and the Humanities.


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